Adam & Jenny // Cabin Creek Lodge

This wedding is extra special to me for so many reasons.  To start this story, I went to White River High School through my junior year and switched to Fife High School my senior year. Jenny also went to Fife high school and were in the same grade.  Jenny and I also used to collect carts together at Safeway when we were 16 year old.  Adam went to White River High School, where I spent most of my high school career but we didn’t really know each other.  Adam was a couple grades ahead of me but he was on the football team so I knew who he was.  Over the years after high school I moved and lost touch with Jenny other than through social media and we were brought back together through photography when Jenny asked me if i’d be interested in photographing her wedding.  I, of course said yes and the rest was history.  The fact that I knew both the Bride and Groom separately, and that we all had the connection of our rival high schools, was a for sure sign that I was supposed to capture the beautiful union of these two love birds.

Adam and Jenny’s wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Their wedding was at the Cabin Creek Lodge in Easton, Washington on a crisp September day in 2017.  Adam and Jenny had a woodsy/chic style wedding with pretty blues and whites with rounds and stumps of fresh cut wood.  They had a beautiful PNW inspired wedding cake and the BEST street taco! The Dj was poppin, the drinks were flowing, and the reception was nothing short of a great time!  It was such a honor to be apart of Adam and Jenny’s perfect day.  This wedding will forever be one of my favorites.

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